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About Us


Hello everyone, Hope you are having a great day. I Sean prior to starting Planet Smog, have been working in San Clemente since I was a teenager. As a Certified Dental Assistant I worked at Family Dentistry.  Later I wanted to pursue business thus I became employed at Wells Fargo Bank. I also have worked for Toshiba as a technician, Pepsi Bottling Group as a sales rep, Pavilions as bookkeeper then management. During my Smog Check technician career I worked at Arco Smog by DMV, EZ smog south end of town, and at the Valero Smog Check location, before starting my business,  At first I named my DBA  San Clemente Smog n Repair, however having a name so similar to another station nearby, I changed it to Planet Smog Check n Repair to resolve the confusion. I was hoping to keep your business at my new location 

Hope to see you here :)

Serving South Orange County including but not limited to: San Clemente, Oceanside, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel.

San Clemente Smog Test DMV
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